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Art Leasing

For as little as $50/mo, rent original art by critically acclaimed artists
who have been featured in The New York Times and exhibited at MoMA PS1.

Leasing art is the risk-free way to build a collection.

Lease paintings, photographs, sculptures and more before deciding to buy.

50% of every lease payment becomes credit towards buying art online.

Credits are universal and can be applied towards the art you are leasing
and all other available artworks.

Use credits to pay for up to 50% of artwork purchases.

3 months is the minimum lease for many artworks.
After the initial term, art leases become month-to-month.

Longer-term art leases are also available.

Please contact us to discuss the requirements of your project.

Leasing art for a business-related activity?

Renting art as part of your operations could be
a tax-deductible business expense.

Every situation is different, so please consult your tax advisor for more information.

Björn Meyer-Ebrecht

Suzanne Torres

Amber Ibarreche

Erin Hunt

Magali Hébert-Huot

Saul Melman

Tamara Johnson

David Mohr

Kent Rogowski

Mike Carney

Robert Raphael

Lauren Frances Adams

Becca Kallem

Paul Gagner

Parsley Steinweiss

Matthew Gamber

John Oliver Lewis

Julia Schwadron

Daniel Gerwin

Zachary Dean Norman

Jp Terlizzi

Aaron Williams

Layet Johnson

Andrew Cranston

Jesse Moretti

Jane Fox Hipple

Rebecca Sky Horne

Brian Michael Dunn

Allison Watkins

Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk

Antoine Lefebvre

Tealia Ellis Ritter

Eyal Pinkas

MaryKate Maher

Sarah Palmer

Brian Higbee

JJ Garfinkel

Rachel Mica Weiss

Jeremy August Haik

Ebitenyefa Baralaye

Christopher K. Ho

Michelle Leftheris


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