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Many have exhibited in museums including
MoMA PS1, Museum of Fine Arts,
and The Andy Warhol Museum

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Best of All Possible Worlds, 2011 by Saul Melman C LC VM VLM Y LK LLK PK and MK, 2014 by Hyounsang Yoo The Endless Column: The Dandy The Endless Column: The Fop, 2014 by Robert Raphael E. Gray, 2014 by Erin Hunt Untitled, 2013 by Parsley Steinweiss Demolition 3D, 2013 by Matthew Gamber Grey Frame, 2014 by Suzanne Torres Okokok, 2012 by Julia Schwadron Exotic Matter 1, 2014 by Zachary Dean Norman Undressed is the Land, 2013 by JP Terlizzi Untitled Cosmic Totebag X, 2013 by Becca Kallem Like Pictures, 2014 by Aaron Williams Strand, 2013 by David Mohr Fireplace, 2013 by Layet Johnson The Grand Tour, 2012 by Lauren Frances Adams Labyrinth, 2013 by Jesse Moretti #10 from the series Love=Love, 2008 by Kent Rogowski 2 At 1, 2010 by Jane Fox Hipple Pitcher With Two Shadows, 2014 by Rebecca Sky Horne Open Sez Me, 2013 by Brian Michael Dunn Reilluminate #13, 2014 by Allison Watkins Livin' On The Schiz 34, 2014 by Mike Carney The Grand Tour, 2012 by Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk Deformers, 2014 by Antoine Lefebvre Untitled (Persimmon Spread), 2014 by Tealia Ellis Ritter To Invite the Available, 2012 by Eyal Pinkas The Impossiblity of an Island, 2012 by MaryKate Maher Mirror Dance, 2014 by Sarah Palmer Untitled Columns, 2014 by Magali Hébert-Huot A Theory of Forms and Ideas drawing 10, 2013 by Brian Higbee Six-Planed Scaffolding, 2014 by Rachel Mica Weiss Ex Cursion v2, 2012 by Jeremy August Haik Barabbas, 2012 by Ebitenyefa Baralaye Teardrop, 2013 by Christopher K. Ho My Bedroom, 2007 by Andrew Cranston Woman's Own Book of Houseplants (Meghan), 2014 by Michelle Leftheris

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